its soo gorgoues outside!

hey so today is soo pretty outside! hehe i will prolly be outside all day hanging out! hehe laying and getting some sun, playing with the dogs and watering the lawn and landscaping! hehe but yeah i am about to head out real quick and take the dogs to the groomers! hehe they get to get alittle spoiled and get there teeth brushed, nails trimmed, and baths! hehe they love it though. but yeah when they get back there always laying around soo tired. hehe but i hope everyone has a great weeekand. it is fathers day weekand:) but this sunday night i hope everyone can make my cam show at 11pm est time! hehe i have a new toy! haha and i want to use it:) but i want all of you guys to watch me use it:) hehe wat do ya think:) ok well write me later if you would like, ill be online! muah!

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