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Hi Guys,

  A friend of mine just sent me these nice wallpapers he made for me.  They are in three different sizes so if you would like to use one just pick the one that matches your screen size right click on it and save as wallpaper. )
Sammy4u Wallpaper
1400×1050 | 1200×800 | 800×600

  Celeste and her husband left early this morning.  I am still recovering from Sunday!  Just don’t feel the healthiest after all that.  Time to get back in the gym and work off some of those liquid calories.  We were invited to a party Wednesday night but I think we are going to pass.  Better to chill out for the rest of the week and catch up on everything since I fell a little behind while Celeste was here.  

  I will be doing a cam show tomorrow afternoon at 3pm edt and a show Thursday at 7pm edt. Hope you can make it to at least one of them.

XO Sammy

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