back and glad to be home!

hey hey everyone, so i got back sunday night late late, like 130 in the morning! it was such a long ass day. basically to make a long story short, got stuck at the airport for 10 hours waiting for weather to get better.. i was soo mad!lol i havent ever been to an airport for that long. so anyways i basically got caught up with my sleep and caught up on all the sweet emails i have gotten from all of you! thanks alot:) so today is the 4th of july! yeah! happy 4th everyone! its actually about 2am right now but its actually the 4th. so im wishing u kinda an early happy 4th! ha ok anyways well i hope that u all have a great day and be safe! il be seeing you all sunday night! cant wait and write me an email if ya get time! would love to hear from ya! kisses

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