heading out to vegas

hey hey so im heading out to vegas tomorrow morning.. so i should prolly jus stay up all night!lol reason for that is my flight is taking off at like 550am. which is really early for me! lol but i think ill be able to handle it! hehe going out there to celebrate my friend lias bday party! hehe i cant wait:) its going to be lots of fun:) but ill be back friday morning.. so if ya want to write me ya can:) hehe but yea ive been soo busy the past few hours its been nuts! but im here now wanted to fill ya in on whats up, especially if you wont be making it to my cam show tonight:( i hope ya do though:) hehe well im going to finish up packing and answer some emails! but il be back sooner then ya think and talk to u soon!kisses

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