2 Orgasms in 20 minutes!

Hi Guys,

  It was great seeing so many people at my show this afternoon.  You guys really got me wet and horny.  I had to amazing orgasms in 20 minutes! yippee.  Hope I wasn’t alone in that. ;)

  I am going to be taking my laptop in to the shop this week.  It is really acting up and driving me a little batty.  Since I haven’t been on the pc too much since my family is in town I thought this would be a good time to get it fixed.  Maybe they can fix my “J” button too.  Oh and the USB input that broke when we bounced it off the bed fucking.  remember that cam show?  haha

  Hope you guys have a great night.  My next show is Friday 6pm edt.  See ya then.

     Kisses, Sammy

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