up early!

so today im up pretty early for myself!lol i dont know why but i know i have some shooting today and i cant wait! its going to be fun.. im going to shoot out in the woods today;) so if ya have any ideas before i leave leave me an email:) hehe but yeah later today i will be having my cam show at 8pm est time! so i hope that you can come and hang out for alittle bit! one thing i know if that i need a manicure! lol so i need to call my girly and make an appt. really i jus need the works! haha i need my hair done and my nails and toes, a facial!lol ok i should stop lol but i havent got anythign done in a while:) i need alittle pampering:) but anyways well im off to the shower to get ready and then head out! so everyone have a great day and il talk to u soon!kisses

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