Movie Update and Simpsons

Hiya Guys,

  I am rendering this weeks movie right now.  I was hoping to get it up tonight but it doesn’t look like I will have it up till tomorrow morning.  I made a mistake and rendered the super size movie first.  I should have done the two sizes I use right now first but I didn’t really now the BIG one would take so long.  You will be able to see the new bigger sized movie in about a week.  I am hoping and trying to get the new members area online in a week or so.

  We got tickets to the midnight showing of “The Simpson’s” tonight.  After we got the tickets they told us we should arrive 2 hours early to stand in line for good seats!  haha  I don’t think we are going to do that.  We are ganna find a movie that is finishing up a few minutes before 12 and go see that so we will be ahead of the line.  Smart cookies, aren’t we?  lol  I’ll let you know if our little plan works.

  Ganna go check on your movie.

XO Sammy

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