let me catch up alittle:)

hey there okay so i know i havent been on in a few days, but it seems like its been one thing after another!lol but anyways so i thought i would tel ya what has been going on.. so i was sick for 2 days earlier this week and actually stayed at my aunts house, she was spoiling me:) hehe and also i ended up getting my hair done which was a dramatic change:) hehe well not too dramatic, i didnt get it all chopped off like u think but i did get blonde highlights:) hehe well u wil have to see it at sunday nights show:) i hope you all like it;) im debating if i should go get like chunks in it or not? well ill see if i get any compliments on it tonight! lol im heading out with the girls tonight and cant wait. i went out with them last week but i havent really talked to anyone this week. jus been trying to feel better which i do and then yesterday i was pretty busy.. i had to take tinker to the hospital again. the doggy one.. well she was acting weird the night before last when we were going to bed, so i was like hmm she isnt acting right, so i checked her gums and everything was fine? her sugar was good, well i found out it was something to do with inflamation around her skull, which was making her act weird:( so i was pretty upset and plus had a nice big bill at the doctor for her. so hopefully everything will be ok and she will get better:) they gave me medicine for her so i hope that she will recover and be her normal self;) but other then that i jus thought id write you all and tell ya whats been up! also i have my new fleshlight in so you have to get one and test it out! hehe its a molding of my own pussy:) hehe well talk to you guys soon! im checking emails now:) kisses

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