ill be at the show tonight!

hey everyone so hope that everyone had a great weekand! i know i did, i had a very relaxing weekand:) didnt do much. but i jus fixed dinner for a few friends and wow can i cook! lol i made some fried porchops  and fried green tomatoes and mashed potatoes! i know soo fattning:) hehe well i will be starting my diet tomorrow and im going to be eating tons of veggies! and chicken of course:) hehe but yeah i will be at the show tonight at 11pm est time:) hope that you come by and see me:) hehe ill be showing ya my own personal fleshlight, so for those who already have one of mine bring it with you to my show so we can play together! hehe well anyways jus wanted to fill ya in tinker is doing good, she is on medication which sucks cause they are like a steroid:( oh and also im starting back up at the gym too starting this week:) i cant wait! hope that i can get my booty in shape before i start shooting my new movie il  be in:) well talk to u soon! kisses

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