heading out to the lake!

hey hey so today im getting my butt up and heading out to the lake today! hehe need to go get me some sun anyways:) haha but yeah i cant wait to go and take some naughty pics out on it too:) it will be lots of fun.. ill make sure i get some nice tan lines for ya;) but one thing i wanted to mention for those who havent seen it yet, actually 2 things, one check out my new movie trailer i have out for my upcoming movie called succubus! it should be coming out middle of sept;) and for 2 check out my new fleshlight! hehe its a molding of my own pussy and now it can be yours! hehe okay well i need to get my butt in the shower, it was nice to relax last night and take me a bath! hehe i like doing that every now and then, ok well talk to you soon! much love:)

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