I am UP. :)

Hi Guys,

  I am so happy today.  Remember yesterday I thought my computer was all screwed up again.  Well today I found out it isn’t my computer it was the internet connection to the whole building.  So I am happy cause now I know it is there problem and they have to fix it.  We were down from internet for the rest of the day yesterday but they got it up and running this afternoon and are coming back tomorrow to boost the speed. yippee.  Ok, time to go celebrate.  haha Just kidding. )

   Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  It has been beautiful weather here for the last few days.  After Pilate’s we went on a nice walk and checked out the progress on some new condos going up.  Seems like alot of hard work.  I felt bad for the guys out there sweating up a storm on a nice Saturday afternoon.  Ganna run.

  Kisses, Sammy

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