out to the lake!

hey hey so today i went out to the lake, and had a great time, rode on the jet skis and layed out on the boat:) then i went back to my office and hung out with you guys! hehe i had a great time teasing you all and dancing for ya:) hehe that was pretty fun! i loved it:) but yeah im home now and just got done answering all my emails and im so glad to know everyone cant wait to see my new movie coming out succubus! hehe i love it and cant wait for you all to see it as well;) i know one thing though, im soo freaking tired atm, i think im heading for bed! the sun wears ya out! hehe and also being in the water, but i hope that you all have a great night and sorry so short, il be back tomorrow! kisses and think about me:)

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