not feeling too hot today:(

 hey there well today i woke up with a headache and just a bad mood you could say! ha but yeah it is about that time of the month and im just waiting at the moment.. but one thing i know is im actually going to head out and get me a new matress! hehe i cant wait:) its going to be awesome cuz i can sleep on my new bed:) my old matress is a queen size and the new bed i bought is a king size! So tonight will be the first night that i actually get to sleep in it:) anyways other then that i took miss tinker to the vet and she is fine and acting normal. bad thing is ill prolly have to give her a pill for along time.. evrey 3 days, but as long as it will help her get better thats fine:) i might get out for alittle tonight with my girls but right now im not feeling up to it:( and also i wont be having my little suprise show today, but maybe thursday? we will see:) okay well im going to answer some emails and ill be talking to you all real soon! write me if ya want, i would love to hear from ya today:) kisses

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