Had my hair removal:)

hey there everyone, so yesterday i went and had my hair removed on my bikini line! hehe i was really nervous but i thought to myself, well i know one thing, that i wont have to shave it anymore and that will be soo nice! hehe so i went to the doctor and she was really nice:) hehe it did take forever waiting though, im not so good at waiting for things, you could say i dont have patience! haha anyways so when i got it done i was alittle soar but it kinda felt like a bee sting, but multiple times, lol so didnt feel so hot:) but i did it, so i have to go in 10 more weeks to get it done again. i did leave alittle patchg at the top just for you guys that love the hair down there:) hehe she asked me if i wanted it all off and i said no lol. but today i got to the office and will be heading out here soon to get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed:) so i hope everyone has a great day! hehe i cant wait to eat too later,. hah im going to get me some boneless buffalo wings:) hehe kisses

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