Busy Day

Hi Guys,

  Cam show was great today.  I had two orgasms in about 15 minutes.  Can’t really beat that.  I even got to have another orgasm after the show so I am at three so far for the day.  Maybe tonight I will add a couple more. hehe

  We are trying to get every thing packed tonight for our trip tomorrow.  We are rushing it so I hope we don’t forget anything important.  I am hoping to make it to the comedy club tonight.  My Pilate’s instructor is doing stand up their tonight.  That takes some balls.  I really hope he is good cause I don’t want to have to lie when I see him again next week.  ;)

   I am hoping to have internet at least for a bit each day while I am gone.  If I do I will write here and let you know how everything is going.  Don’t worry i will get lots of pictures for you.

     Kisses, Sammy

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