My movie is selling fast!

hey everyone, well how has everyone been lately? well i just got out of the pool and it was nice to hang out and get some sun! but yeah i am soo happy that my new movie succubus that is out on presell right now, they are selling really fast! thanks to all of ya that have purchased your copy. Oh yeah and for those who dont know i have signed copies as well;) if you dont know where to go you can go to  or for you members theres a link now in the members section where you can click and it will take you to the store:) so i made you guys a little video clip of how thankful i am that you have purchased the movie. Hope ya like it;) hehe ok im going to shoot now:) hehe i felt like i havent took any pics in a while! lol see ya sunday night at the cam show:) kisses

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