middle of the week

hey everyone so its wednesday, we are half way through the week! i know the next two days im going to be really busy, but i wanted to fill you in on my special cam show! hehe so i was thinking since it is labor day this weekand and mostly alot of people will be out of town or with family and friends, so i am canceling my sunday night cam show at 11pm est time and ill be having my show this thursday instead. i hope that u can  make it and ill be having it at 7pm es time. so again this weekand there will be no sunday night cam show but next week it will be on again:) thursday i have to go to the orthodontist too. i get my new retainers! hehe cant wait till im done with it:) and then friday i get my hair done:) hehe it will be nice. im tired of this blonde in my hair! lol but anyways well if you havent checked out my new movie yet check it out its for pre sale right now and u better get it while its out.. there going fast! also if you get time check out another little project im working on just for fun but just go to ravenriley.tv its pretty funny:) me just being me! hehe kisses

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