someones bday is coming up!

hello everyone well its monday and labor day and hmm it seems that someones bday is coming up very soon! hehe and well if you dont know tinkers bday is coming up and so is mine! hehe and infact our bday is september 6th and that is this thursday! i cant wait;) hehe ill be 21 finally! it feels like ive waited to turn 21 forever! hehe but yeah il be out for sure and proly , well i will be having me a hangover:) hehe so today i went out and had dinner with the family and just hung out:) and came home and had my cam show which im glad that everyone came to it that did. i am going to watch my show and then prolly head to bed. im going to call it a night,so il talk to you guys tomorrow! and also il be taking some hot pics tomorrow! cant wait;) kisses and sorry so short

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