recovery is a bitch!

hey there everyone, so its the weekand and its almost over… lets just say i had a great birthday but recovery is a bitch!lol so lets just say that i dont remember anything after 10 shots! oh yeah it was crazy! lol but soo worth it… so now im hanging out online watching tv and the dogs are chilling with me:) i bought tinker a new toy and she loves it! she hasnt stopped playing with it:) so i am going to be having a busy schedule for the month of october… im planning on heading out to texas for a shoot, then to arizona to shoot and party and then going on vacation to a tropical island! hehe oh yeah and then to vegas after that:) so yea lets jus say il proly be somewhere every week, but i will keep intouch for sure and dont worry il be writing ya telling ya all the goodies:) hehe okay so if you havent checked out my new movie yet ya better check it out its called succubus! lets just say its good verses evil! hehe plus sex and more sex! kisses;)

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