football time!

hey hey okay so tonight is football for me:) hehe it sucks though cause my team ravens are going to be playing the time of my cam show:( and they are playing against the bengals, it should be a good game.. i really hope that it gets interesting! lol i hate boring games where no one ever scores til the end. but i already ate my boneless buffalo wings and i think i am going to take me a nap. lol im tired. last night i wasnt feeling myself but today i was better but after eating those im tired again!lol i need to wake my butt up!lol but anyways well i think that at tonights show we will be talking alot about football:) til the season! haha okay well sorry so short but im going to get off here and get me a shower and relax, so see ya at my cam show tonight at 8pm. i might be a little late cause my friend is over here now and i gotta take her home in alittle.. so talk to you soon! kisses

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