xfest was crazy!

hey hey so i got back into town yesterday and wow did i have a blast! hehe xfets was the shit, i got backstage and got to meet the bands, pretty neat! there was 25,000 peeps there, was pretty sick.. so now im back and feeling better, yesterday i was feeling bad! lol but im better now and going to get a bite to eat in a little and have a few drinks. oh yeah i also had to get a new id made today cause i lost mine:( it sucked!lol but yeah today im jus in a down mood, i guess, hopefully it will get better:) i hope so:) maybe after a few drinks it will be better.. okay well im out of here but thanks for the ones who came to my cam show:) sorry wasnt all up and adam,lol i was beat! hehe okay well talk to you soon and write me if ya want:) kisses

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