appearence at hammerjax saturday!

hey so i realized the past few days why i havent felt good was cause of my allergies.. im soo glad im feeling better. the past few days i have seriously felt terrible with the runny nose and soar throat and stuff. so im really glad that im better and also because il be heading out to dayton ohio this saturday making my appearence at hammerjax! hope that you can come make it;) hehe don veto and his crew will also be making appearence.. should be some fun!

On another note ive been shooting  some cool pics and doing some hot videos that will be out on the site here real soon! hehe thanks to everyone who have purchased my full featured film “succubus” i just sent out my first 200 signed copies a few days ago and hope that those of ya have got it:) and if you have write me and let me know what you thought:) ok well il be online the rest of the night answering emails, so if you are on send me a private message! kisses and see ya saturday!

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