had a blast!

okay so this past sat was soo much fun! so i  went to hammerjax brought some friends and had a great time! hehe it has been a while since i have made an appearence, which im hoping to get back into traveling and making appearences. getting a schedule together but anyways it was great meeting don vito hehe i think he was alittle tipsy! haha and also dj silver! such a sweetheart:) what was really hott was me and my girls were dancing and then all of a sudden i see a camera zooming in on us being dirty! hehe hmm im wondering if that will end up on the show! haha oh well:) but after we left the club we went out to the strip club! hehe that was fun watching prett girls dancing.. i was in the mood to dance myself haha but that might be cause i was alittle tipsy! haha okay anyways today i have felt like ass, dont know why but im starting to feel better, took me a nap and ate.. but now im on myspace putting up a few new pics, thanks for all the comments and als for those who havent seen yet check out my new movie succubus! you can check it out in the site or here www.evilmotion.com kisses!

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