leaving in a few days:(

hey everyone! so i just got home alittle while ago i actually was shooting pics all day! had a blast:) i shot in this really cute indian outfit i got from a member and i really looked and felt like pochontis:) hehe however you spell that:) it was a pretty cool day but tireing since i got up at like 8 this morning. which is early for me:) then i actually worked out alittle, i am so out of shape! haha i could just tell.. well anyways im going to be leaving here soon which sucks, but il be taking some hot pics on the beach! hehe cant wait its going to be soo much fun but im ready to go on alittle vacation:) well its like a work/vacation ) il be gone wednesday morning early! and then be back monday night:) so il have to make up my monday show for sure.. might be able to do my sunday show while im out there… il see:) well il be up tonight answering some emails and then going to bed:) have a dentist appt tomorrow:( just a cleaning though! okay talk to you soon:) kisses

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