what a day!

so today was alot of fun! hehe yesterday i had went horseback riding which was cool, i have done it before but not on a desert type of island:) hehe it was really hot but i chilled down after i got back to hotel… jus got in the ocean water:) hehe im alittle red today on my face but oh well its soo cool out here.. so today was the best! i went swimming with the dolphins! it was soo much fun:) they danced for us and jumped over and kisses us on the cheek! hehe pretty fun… then i came back ate layed out alittle longer and then i passed out for the day! i just now got up im pooped!lol oh but one thing that sucks bad is that i have gotten so many mosiquito bites since ive been here! i cant wait to get back in a way!lol il be leaving monday so like i said a few days ago i wont be doing the sunday and monday cam shows cause il be here but once i get home ill make them up to u:) i would here but internet sucks and also i dont have one with me.. lol didnt even know if the internet would work:) okay well im going to actually talk to some of my members:) and then get ready and head out for the night! kisses and talk to u soon;)

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