shopped til i dropped!

so today i woke up got ready and went to get my facial! haha not that kinda facial:) and after that i went and met up with a few friends and we went shopping! hehe was lots of fun theres so many cute outfits out there right now;) i feel like i havent been to the mall inforever! haha oh well so i got home then met up with family and went to dinner.. dinner was good except for the bread… the bread was hard as a rock which sucked soo bad.. so me being silly and alittle pissed off i took the bread tapped it on the table a few times and told the server can we get some more bread! hahah i cracked myself up and she giggled alittle too. so now im home and im jus pooped! i got my cat a new bed time play center and then got tinker a few new tops:) oh i got tanner a new jacket to wear! hehe they love it;) okay  well tomorrow is halloween! cant wait:) kisses and talk to u tomorrow!

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