alittle sore right now

hey everyone, so today i woke up and got myself all prettied up for a special shoot that i did for my troops! hehe since i love them all so much its jus alittle something i did today;) cant wait for everyone to see it;) so after i did that i ended up eating some subway! hehe yep im trying to start eating alittle healthy:) then headed over to my dr appointment, that was my lazer hair removal appointment;) It was my 2nd treatment for my bikini line.. so after i got it done it was swollen and now its sore:( it sucks but i only have one or two more times then i should be done:) it hurts soo bad! my crotch was like on fire after i put my pants back on! haha but anyways so i came home cleaned my closet out alittle cause it soo needed it! then ate again and now answering emails and writing u! so i hope that those of you that live in detroit come out and see me at club bleu tomorrow! il be at the door;) il be home sunday night! so see ya soon! kisses

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