last minute things that happen

hey there everyone, so the past few days have been pretty busy, so i had went out shopping and stuff got home hung out with the dogs and stuff and then i got a call had to stop by familys house met up with them all and went to hospital, had a family member in there.. so i was out there last night late. sorry to those of you that were waiting on me in cam show:( i apologize. anyways il have my laptop with me for the next week and a half. il be gone like i had told u a few days ago on here. but dont worry u can still write me:) but i know one thing i cant wait to get away and shoot in some cool places! hehe and also shop for a hot outfit to wear to playboy mansion:) hehe it should be fun! well im about to head to bed, i have to get up early early and pack:( its going to suck then head out to airport:( well il be thinking of ya! kisses and il write ya when i get in texas! muah

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