long day in texas

so today was a crazy day just to let you know! i got up at like 7am this morning, got ready and then shot all day long… oh well it was worth it:) hehe jus got one plane and im actually writing you while im on it:) im so ready to go to bed though! lol i duno jus tired and well i have been up since 7 this morning.. so now im heading out to a friends house for 5 days, so yeah il be gone for alittle longer then usual but its okay its not like i dont have my laptop with me;) hehe i was so mad too cause today when i went through security i beeped and well they had to search me which sucked;( oh well they gotta do there job.. okay so im going to take me a nap now i think.. im pretty freaking tired! lol and when i land i think we are going out! so il talk to u in morning:) kisses

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