what a night!

hey there okay so i know i told you that when i got to friends house we were going to go out.. and that we did.. met up with some old friends and had some drinks. and danced to the music! i love dancing too. i get in the mood to take my clothes off though, which isnt too good, lol well what am i saying yeah it is for u and for me as well:) im jus alittle slow today if u would say:) hehe okay so going to eat lunch and then head out to who knows where:) maybe shopping is what i could do! i do need to get something new to wear:) i love to get new things when im traveling:) well hope that you all miss me and think about me! i know that i cant wait to get home though cause i miss you all so much! cant wait to get on cam for you guys and jus show off alittle of my goodies to u!:) i know im a goof ball! haha okay well have a good day:) lata!

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