getting home sick:(

i have been gone for a while now its seems like forever, and well i was just thinking today how bad i wish that i was home:( i just miss being with my babies:) and also miss my house and everything.. but i have one more trip, im leaving to go to la tomorrow and will be there for another 5 days, then heading home:) so i cant wait to get back seriously! its going to be awesome! hehe well i know one thing, il be getting me some boneless buffalo wings! haha i miss them and it seems like not many people have them:( and plus i want to see how all my friends at home are doing and stuff.. but i like traveling and hanging out but hate the being away from home though as well… so i just have to get through la but hey i look forward into going to playboy mansion party:) i went 2 years ago it was soo much fun:) well talk to you soon and love ya!

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