sick but having my show!

hey everyone, so today i woke up hardly being able to talk:( sucks and then i went to get a dining room table since ive had my one for a while and i didnt even feel like going to do that today. ive been laying around drinking soup broth and trying to get my voice back and feel better. hopefully it will be better by tomorrow! i cant belive thanksgiving is coming up this week. it doesnt seem like it at all.. well anyways i hope to see ya at my cam show tonight at 10pm est time. il still be making my appearence:) so hope to see ya there. and il be working online alittle too before i go to bed. il have my show monday at 8 and then i have a special one with a friend wednesday at 8pm est time.. so hope to see ya at both! well see ya later and have a good night! kisses

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