cam show is at 9pm est time tonight

so tonight my cam show will be at 9pm est time instead of 8pm est time.. i bet alot of you will like that just because you can have time to make it to my show anyways;) hehe i know alot of you rush to get off work to see me:) but anyways wanted to say a few other things, i jus got back and well lets just say my first tour in michigan for my new movie succubus was soo much fun! i got to meet a few members and lots of my fans:) thanks everyone for coming out and getting my movie and your picture with me:) hehe hope ya like it! il have the new schedule up tonight for this weekands tour! hehe cant wait to head out again to meet some more of my fans:) well i gotta get going, but il see ya all tonight! muah! oh yeah and thanks for all the votes on i love ya all:)

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