Last store of my michigan tour

hey there so today is the last day il be in michigan for my succubus tour, thanks to everyone that came by the stores to meet me and get my movie! hehe hope ya have fun watching it:) now today il be in flint michigan and this wil be at the love botique store(dejavu) il be there today from 4 to 7 signing autograghs and taking pics and of course selling my new movie succubus! so come out and see me:) its snowing soo bad today i woke up looked out my window and the ground is covered with snow:( kinda sucks, but atleast i have my hummer to get me through! haha so yeah after my appearence im going to head home , or atleast try to! hopefully the roads wont be too bad:( okay well i need to get ready and head out! talk to you soon! kisses

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