what a busy day

so today i have been on the go again! haha well i got up late, and i was soo wanting to wake up early and do all my errands, but for some reason last night icouldnt fall asleep. i stayed up watching that new show that snoop dog has! haha but when i got up and going i ran to the bank, then went to get my detox and my eyebrows waxed:) hehe now i just got to office and going to get some work done.. tonight im fixing dinner for a few of my girlfriends then we are going to go get a drink:) the past two days ive been recovering from new years eve! hah i havent been that drunk in quite a while lets just say.. but anyways just wanted to write ya and tell ya il be online for alittle answering emails:) so hit me up! hehe kisses

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