its friday!!!

so today is friday and its the freaking weekand! hehe yeah:) i cant wait to go home and relax! haha last night i went out with some friends and we had alot of fun, met a few fans and danced the night away:) hehe good times:) so tonight il prolly be chilling at the house watching a movie and laying my butt on the couch:) oh healthy diet has been going good past few days, but last night when i made dinner i think i shouldnt have fixed the mashed potatoes haha those arent good for ya… but i made baked chicken with cream of broccoli and then broccoli and mashed potatoes. it was soo good;) hehe so im at work now answering emails and goofing off alittle, but il be online later tonight for alittle more then likely;) so hope to chat with you all soon! oh yeah be safe and think about me alittle:) hehe kisses

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