MAKEUP SHOW this friday at 9pm est time

hey everyone well first off wanted to say i have my make up show on friday in 2 days at 9pm est time… so hope to see u there:) second i am going to dinner here in a minute, its one of my friends bdays and we are going to get some good food and then head out to a few bars… i am so glad to be home, now il be leaving again but only for a day going to make an appearence in miami at a club… not finalized it yet, should know by tomorrow… i still need to unpack lol sometimes i think man i should have an assistant! lol but then other times i know i can do it myself,lol it jus sucks to put things away! hahaha but yeah im going to get off here, jus wanted to tell ya all what il be doing today:) but tomorrow il be shooting all day, cant wait to get some sexy videos out! hehe well i have a few coming out in the next few days, but gotta keep making them;) hehe well have a nice night and talk to u soon! kisses

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