been a crazy week!

so as im sure most of you know i havent been online at all this week until today;) well i left monday and went to vegas for a front cover magazine shoot and had soo much fun! It was totally different just because im used to the amaetuer look, not alot of makeup on and my hair just straight and me being me;) well this photo shoot was alittle different. i had my hair and make up done, got all dazzeled up and did some proffesional pics. i had soo much fun, and i hope to do more photo shoots like that soon. so after that i ended the night with having a few drinks with some friends that live in vegas. met vinny “big pussy” from the sopranos, and then got ready for the following day which was heading out to la. when i got to la, headed to the roosevelt hotel and got checked in. met up with some friends, had some lunch at the ivy, and then partied that night. next day i went to sunset tan and got spray tanned! hehe that was fun. i looked like a orange! haha jus kidding, i was really dark! but then i showered to get ready for the xbiz award show where i was presenting a few awards, and also up for a nomination myself.( which unfortunitly i didnt win) oh well. lol met up with a few more friends, got a pic with lil jon hehe and then sadly i had to go to bed afterwards cause i had a 8am photo shoot the next morning.. woke up showered showed up there and that was a fun shoot. same thing basically got all dazzled up, shot with a guitar which was pretty hott! then got all oiled up and shot some more;) and then left from there went to the airport and missed my flight:( i was soo mad. ha so finally got back home late and yesterday i slept in all day, then went out bowling with some friends:) it was good to be home but now im getting caught up with emails and pictures and stuff cause il be leaving again this weekand. hope you can come out and see me in new york at club myst! il be there making appearences and signing my new movie succubus;) well im back to answering emails, thanks for all the sweet comments and emails since ive been gone! i love ya all;) muahz!

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