rockband rocks!!!

today i went and did alittle shopping which i found a few cute things, also i updated my wishlist with some hot new shoes!! hehe summer time will be here before you know it, and it seems im getting into shoes alot! hehe anyways i got home and did a cool rocker chick shoot and video and i was playing rockband.. yeah!! hehe it had only been like my 3rd time playing it, i had bought it right before i left for vegas and la last week and didnt get a chance to play it really. im starting to get real good, been playing it all evening. hehe but had to take a break to chat with you all! but yeah thats all i really have done today, pretty chilled day, watched alittle rock of love 2 and answered some emails.. but now im heading to bed , going to play with dogs alittle and night night for me! meeting in the morning:( blah! haha anyways night and talk to you tomorrow! kisses

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