out visiting the family

hey everyone so im jus out spending some time with family this weekand, but dont worry il be home sunday;) so i can see you all at my show! its nice to relax, but i cant wait to get back home;) and here soon il have to get ready to go out to north carolina;) il be leaving on the 16th of march and will be gone a week;) then come home and get to be here again! and also if you didnt know my house is up for sale! so if you are interested just let me know;) hehe il have more detail about it in the next few weeks… i cant wait til summer comes though! i hope this summer is nice:) i want to be outside as much as possible;) ok i think im going to watch american gangster! hehe i just got it a few days ago and havent seen it yet;0 so talk to u tomorrow! kisses

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