been busy busy

so today and yesterday have really been non stop since i got here to north carolina… i havent been this busy in a while lol but trying to get some relaxing time while im here;) hehe i have an appointment to get me a facial, hehe not that kind of facial, but a facial and pedicure at the spa on thursday.. i need a pedicure real bad and a facial real bad too, i feel like my face is all clogged and dirty.. i hate that feeling.. i think im a freak about my face now! haha i jus feel like i have to clean it all the time. like especially when i have makeup on, i wish i didnt have to wear makeup;) i wish i was flawless without it. i feel like i look scary without any makeup on.. well anyways im laying here pretty tired, so i think im going to bed.. long day tomorrow, so think about me, i know ya miss me! haha but dont worry il be back before you know it:) kisses

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