been packing this whole time:(

hey everyone well sorry havent wrote and let everyone know whats been up! lol but yeah ive been packing up my things at my house, im moving and well moving takes alot out of you and also i didnt know how much stuff i really have until i start packing! haha but good thing is il be all out and done this week:) It will be so much better so then i can write you all more and hang out:) thanks for the ones who came to my cam show last night… sorry i was all tired! hehe ive just had a long few days… and now im sore:( i need a long nice massage:) hehe so any takers??:) hehe ok well im going to work on some emails and then go take me a nap i think;) hehe maybe il play some rockband tonight.. i love that game!!! ok well ttyl;) kisses

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