not feeling so hott:(

so today i havent felt my best, well honestly i havent felt my best in a few days now… I dont know what it is. But i do know that people around me have been sick so maybe thats why i started feeling bad. Today when i woke up i felt like shit basically lol and it was all cloudy out and i hate when its cloudy and gloomy looking.. I love when the suns out, i feel more up and have more energy:) I hope that this weekand is nice, i was thinking about playing some basketball with a few friends.. I havent played basketball in years! I threw some baseballs a few days ago and wow is my arm sore! lol Its been like 3 days and it feels almost like i had surgery or something:) haha But anyways im all caught up on my emails just so everyone knows:) so feel free to hit me up with a message:) okay well im going to get me a bite to eat, so il talk to you all soon! kisses and have a nice day:)

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