Karla tiny orange bikini!


When I first found Karla I really didn’t know what to expect. She was dressed up in a long flowing dress and she had a gorgeous face for sure but you couldn’t really tell what was going on under all of the clothing she had on at the time. I took a risk and it really paid off! She said she wanted to try modeling but nobody had ever asked her before (probably because of the way she usually dresses in loose clothes). I gave her a really tight bikini because we didn’t have one that was quite her size. Her ripe breasts were just too big for any of the ones we had brought with us. Even better, get a good look at the orange blossom bottom of her bikini, this is a angel with really plump cunt lips and her camel toe is fucking terrific. Damn this angel was smokin’ hot and there’s plenty more of her in the members area already! Click here to see more. 

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