Pamela looks awesome in denim!


Pamela Spice is one of the cutest eighteen-year-old stars we have ever had the pleasure of shooting.  If you saw Pamela on the street you would never think she had such a naught streak running through her veins.  When we first decided to work with her we thought she would be shy and inhibited, but wow were we wrong!  Pamela is a horny little vixen!  I think she must have a g-spot the size of a volleyball up in there because she cums with such a ferocity I’m surprised the toys don’t shoot out of her cunt and across the room.  On top of that, she loves to play naught with all her sexy friends.  Nothing is off limits when Pamela Spice spices things up.  Give Pamela the chance to show you how naughty this little beauty can be. Click here to see more.

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