Two is Always Better than One!


You don’t need glasses and you are not seeing double.  We have scored big time with these two and yes they are TWINS!!!  Meet Elana and her twin sister.  Both cutie pies are enrolled in a local community college and they decided to do a shoot with us to help pay for next semesters books.  These cutie pies are intelligent, driven and have exactly the same stay hard nipples as each other.  These sisters are so close that they know just how to move and pose with each other.  They are like music in motion.  Needless to say we had a really hot scene with these two.  They were up for a lot of phat poses and you have to check out the photo where they have each other’s bikini bottom straps in each other’s mouths.  Twins are double the pleasure, double the fun. Click here to see more!

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