Pamela and Isabella do more than kiss!


Pamela and Isabella met each other at one of our photo shoots.  These babes were working back to back so as Pamela was finishing up Isabella was just arriving.  You could cut the sexual tension with a knife between these two when they first laid eyes on each other.  One thing led to another and they asked if I would shoot them together the very next day.  I like to keep my models happy so I agreed.  Luckily I did because the heat between these two is insane.  Neither one had been with a honey before, yet by the end of the day they were rubbing their snatches all over each other!  It’s not often that you can catch on film two eighteen-year-old gals having their first angel on cutie pie sex.  Log on and let these Latinas show you some lesbian love. Click here to see more!

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