Jungle Fever


I don’t mean to brag but I’ve got to be one of the luckiest fucks on the planet.  I got a call from the Spice Twins today and they told me they had a friend that wanted to model with them today.  If you’ve ever seen the Spice Twins, you know this was an offer I could never refuse.  They are freakin’ sexy and any chance to see their bubble butts smackin’ a thong, I’m in for.  So when I get to their house, sure enough they have another hottie there with her navel pierced and the tiniest little black and white bikini on.  The Spice Twins were flanking her left and right side and I almost popped in my pants right there.  These three worked so well together, I’d swear they choreographed this whole thing before I got there.  This shoot goes down in history as one of the Spice Twins hottest shoots.  Good work beauties!  If all your friends are this hot, you can recruit for me anytime.  Check it out.

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