Pigtailed Twins


I never get tired of taking pictures of the Spice Twins.  And judging from the amount of fan mail they tell me they get, you never get tired of lookin’ at them either.  For today’s shoot, the cutie pies decided to mix and match bikini tops and bottoms.  They thought this was the coolest idea and went on and on about it.  I didn’t want to break their high spirits and tell them yes, it was cute, but fellows just want to see your titties and ass.  They for the most part, don’t give a fuck what you’re wearing as long as you take it off.  The good news for them is that I didn’t ruin their fun with my big mouth.  The good news for you is that they take their suits off and get down to business so you get to see plenty of Spice Twins boobs and ass! Click here to see more!

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