Pamela in Pigtails


Pamela’s back and this time she brought a blue vibrator along with her.  It’s hard to believe that at eighteen Pamela could be such a little bitch already!  One look at her cute face and you’d think she’d be planning pizza parties for her dorm room buddies or something.  But instead Pamela spends her days thinking about who she’s gonna’ get freaky with that night and usually it’s one of her booty call girlfriends!  Put Pamela in front of a wet cunt and she turns into a wild sex freak.  I’ve seen her work a thick dildo up into a beauties ass so deep that it made ME blush!  Looks can be deceiving and Pamela never disappoints.  Today, Pamela didn’t have anyone to play with so she takes matters into her own hands and fucks herself with a little blue vibrator. Click here to see more.

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